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Medium voltage surge arresters

Product details

Our medium voltage arresters are used to protect medium voltage networks and equipment from overvoltages caused by lightning and switching surges. The selection of arresters depends on the neutral point treatment of the networks.

Design variants

Depending on your requirement, our surge arresters can be used for indoor or outdoor application.

Tridelta has a long tradition in the production of medium voltage arresters.

Specially developed indoor arresters are particularly suitable for protecting transformers, switchgear and cable terminations in enclosed spaces. The arresters are available with different connections and can be customized in length. Surge arresters with plastic-insulated cable for connection to SF6 equipment are also available on request.


This product is in phase-out. Orders will only be accepted until 2024/03/31.


Innovative design – active part in fiber optic cage

Direct silicone injection prevents the formation of air bubbles, which can lead to internal partial discharge in the arrester.

Due to the versatile configuration options, there are almost no limits to the adaptation to their needs.


Technical data

When it comes to details…

Technical Data

Product SBK-0 SBK-0 isol. Kabel
Highest System Voltage Us kV 52 52
max. Rated Voltage Ur kV 51 51
max. Nominal Discharge Current In (at 8/20 µs waveshape) kA 10 10
max. Thermal Energy Absorption Capability kJ per kV of Ur 2,8 2,8
max. Line Discharge Class 1 1
High Current Withstand Strength 4/10 µs kA 100 100
max. low Current Withstand Strength 2 ms A 250 250
max. Short Circuit / Pressure Relief Capability kA – 0,2s kA 20 20
Mechanical Strength: Specific short-term load SSL Nm 230 230

Technical Data

Rated voltage Ur: 3 to 60 kV
Arrester class: distribution DH
Nominal discharge current: 10 kA
Repetitive charge transfer rating Qrs: 0,4 C
Thermal energy rating Qth: 1,1 C
Line discharge class: 1  
High current impulse (4/10µs): 100 kA
Rated short-circuit current: 63 kA
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