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With our meters of the DCC series, with or without leakage current measurement, and our control spark gaps, impending faults can also be detected at an early stage before they lead to an impairment of the security of supply.

Due to the ever advancing digitalization, we have launched a new arrester monitoring device in 2020. The smartCOUNT is an intelligent device for monitoring the condition of the arrester. For this purpose, it automatically measures both leakage current and pulse currents and generates trend curves from them, which can be displayed via a website. From these trend curves, forecasts are possible, which are helpful in monitoring the condition of the arresters. This enables you to detect and replace age-weak devices in good time before a protection failure is imminent.


With our products, we offer competitive and cost-effective ways to monitor surge arresters and detect problems in time.

Technical Data

Counter: 6-digit display
Minimum sensitivity of the counting current: 100 A (8/20 µs)
High impulse current resistance: 100 kA (4/10 µs)
Voltage drop at 20 kA (8/20 µs): 1 kVs
Measuring scale DCC – M2: 0 to 30 mA irms
Measuring scale DCC – ML2: 0 to 50 mA irms
Maximum counting speed: 5 counts per second

Surge counter

Our pulse counters are suitable for arrester types of different manufacturers. The devices do not require an auxiliary voltage supply and are designed for use in the earth line of an arrester. Optionally, the pulse counter type DCC 2 can also be connected in the common earth line of three arresters.

The pulse counter can be mounted by means of M12 gland on the rear lug or with additional bracket by means of screws 2x M12x25. The DCC2 and DCC-M2 pulse counters are equipped with functionally safe electrical circuits and require no maintenance other than cleaning the viewing window and the feedthrough.

Do it the smart way.


smartCOUNT reduces planned and unplanned shutdowns by detecting faulty arresters and providing reliable information about their condition. It can be installed on any gapless ZnO surge arrester, thus improving the reliability of your new and existing substations. Tridelta Meidensha’s international team listens to the specific needs and requirements of all customers around the world and developed another breakthrough solution for trustworthy safety. smartCOUNT is the first of a new generation of condition monitoring devices that can detect and even distinguish typical faults in time.

Simply install the smartCOUNT app on your NFC-enabled Android phone, read the automatically collected data and know what’s going on – before it’s too late. You’ll be alerted to leakage current anomalies; dirty enclosures, moisture intrusion or metal oxide aging can be easily detected and distinguished. In short, smartCOUNT monitors the condition of your surge arrester and detects typical arrester failure symptoms – simply and clearly. And it is much cheaper than the worst case.

Monitoring spark gap

Control spark gaps are connected in the ground line of the surge arrester. The surge arrester must be insulated. Characteristic markings on the electrodes of the control spark gap become visible as a result of the discharge processes caused by lightning or switching overvoltages. These markings allow a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the discharge processes through the arrester.

Attention: Checking the control spark gap is only permissible when the system is in the enabled state.

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