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Line Arresters

Product details

Line arresters are an effective and economical way to protect both existing and new transmission lines from lightning surges, thereby increasing grid security and line availability. Line arresters are particularly suitable for line areas with poor master grounding resistances, areas with increased lightning activity, overhead lines without ground wire protection and for overhead lines with increased requirements for their availability.

Tridelta offers line arresters as NGLA types (Non-Gapped Line Arresters), based on our arresters with silicone housing of the product lines SBK and SBKC. These are supplemented by a variety of appropriate connection and mounting options, such as cable clamps, so that easy installation to different pole, insulator and line configurations is possible.

We would be pleased to offer you a solution tailored to your situation, please contact us!


Technical Data

Product SBKL class 2 SBKL class 3 SBKC Design 0 SBKC Design II
*higher ratings for line
arrester applications (TLA)
available on request
Highest System Voltage Us kV 300 550 170 362*
max. Rated Voltage Ur kV 240 444 144 360*
max. Nominal Discharge Current In (at 8/20 µs waveshape) kA 10 10 10 20
max. Thermal Energy Absorption Capability kJ per kV of Ur 4,5 7 4,5 9,2
max. Line Discharge Class 2 3 2 4
Qrs (accord. IEC 60099-4 Edt. 3.0) 1,2 2,0 1,2 2,8
High Current Withstand Strength 4/10 µs kA 100 100 100 100
max. low Current Withstand Strength 2 ms A 600 1000 500 1.500
max. Short Circuit / Pressure Relief Capability – 0,2s kA 40 40 40 63
Mechanical Strength: Specific short-term load SSL Nm 500 1100 1.200 4.000
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